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  Mens team IMPULSE won first time since 31 of May 2002! It happened in the last game of Moscow Champiosnhip. 9-8 after extra-ends is the result of Impulse (Tsvetkov, Batugin, Dmitrievsky)  - Moskvitsh (Makarov, Rochev, Stebakov) game.


  Database of Curling Club IMPULSE members was added. Please visit and watch it!


   Womens Team looked better than Mens
Womens Team Impulse has won 4 ends against "Moskvitch-1" team, which was consist of national players (Arbuzova, Tuvaeva, Ezekh, Jarkova). If there weren't absolute failures in some ends, the score wouldn't be so large - 6:14.


    One more defeat of Impulse
1:17! It was a score of Mens Impulse team with Moskvitch-1 skipped by Vadim Shkolnikov.


   Womens Team started like Mens!
Women Team Impulse has lost starting game of Moscow Championship. "Moskvitch-2" of Lyudmila Privivkova won 12:2.


     The second losing
Impulse has lost the second game with large score 3:13 to team DINAMO. But the quality of a game was better than at the last match.


       First losing of Mens Team
Mens Team "Impulse" lost in their first official game, they have lost against team AVOGADRO 4:8 on Championship of Moscow-2002.


A lot of photos from Saint Petersburg Trophy 2002 were publicated. To watch them please click here 

31-05-2002 - 2-06-2002

Two our teams IMPULSE and BREEZE took part in their first international and serious tournament Saint Petersburg Trophy 2002 and took 16 and 18 places. 


"Impulse" team consist of Tsvetkov Sergey, Sakharov Andrey, Tsvetkova Valeria and Batugin Anton became winners on Cup of Moscow among beginners. To watch results please click here

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